Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mail address are not synchronizing in SharePoint 2013

I have SharePoint 2013 configured in an environment that does not have a mail server on premise. I could not generate emails from SharePoint.

This was caused due to the User Profile Service Application was trying to sync the Work Email with the AD attribute ‘ProxyAddresses’.

The attribute ‘proxyAddresses’ is normally filled with information given by for example Exchange. The attribute is not set because we don’t have these kind of servers.

Configure the user properties import for Work Email:

  • First check if the User Profile Sync Service has started
  • Go to the User Profile Service Application
  • Open ‘Manage User Properties’ and navigate to Work Email
  • Remove the Synchronizing mapped field “proxyAddresses” and add new mapping of field “mail”

Start a full sync after changing this setting and the mail addresses will be filled in for users.


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